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12. 10. 2016

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Many people are deciding to call Chicago home. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this city is known for its bold architecture and amazing skyline that includes the former Sears Tower, the Tribune Tower, and the John Hancock Center. It is one of the nation’s top visited cities with a culture that encompasses film, theater, and the visual arts.

Chicago’s culture is reflected in its many museums and theaters. The Art Institute of Chicago has an extensive impressionists’ collection while the Museum of Science and Industry explores the great advancements in these fields. The Field Museum explains the evolution of our planet with an introduction to a T-Rex named Sue.

Couples will find an endless array of entertainment opportunities within the city. The Symphony Center is a great place to hear the sounds of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. One can also enjoy themselves with a night at the Chicago Theater. You can combine either of these options with a meal at one of Chicago’s top culinary delights.

Shopping and dining is abundant in this area. Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile are at the center of Chicago’s entertainment. Here you’ll find numerous shops and restaurants in a location known as Chicago’s hub. Other stores and boutiques can be found at The Shops of North Bridge and the Water Town Plaza shopping mall.

Chicago isn’t just for the single set. Families will find plenty to do like visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. Maggie’s Daley Park is a new addition to the city with a terrific play area for the little ones. Conservatories are found at Lincoln Park as well as Garfield Park, and you can always catch a major league game at Wrigley Field.

Chicago has a variety of dwellings for those who decide to settle down here. The downtown area offers high end apartments, and affordable housing can be found in the surrounding Illinois suburbs. Luxury properties for sale in Crystal Lake, Illinois such as Lazy Willow are ideal for those who want to be close to all Chicago has to offer without actually living in an urban district.

Chicago is quickly becoming a destination for those wanting to settle down in a big city. The numerous things to do, job opportunities, and variety of housing makes Chicago the ideal location for couples, families, and retirees alike.

A home is one of the biggest purchase we can make in our lifetime. So it’s vital to ensure you keep it safe and secure. Not only to protect your investment but also for yourselves. It’s unfortunate that incidents like burglary are on the rise in many areas. A lot of people are considering revisiting their security measures within the home. Which is why I thought I would share with you some top tips to keeping your home safe and secure.

Add an alarm

One of the sure fire ways to protect your home immediately is by adding a security alarm. Often, the fact that this can be seen from the exterior of your property could be enough to deter anyone from attempting to enter your home. An alarm system can be as simple or as advanced as you want the to be. Some will even have a camera and can be linked to your smartphone. Most people stick with an exterior alarm as one of the major defenses against things like burglary. Adding stickers to windows and doors as a further warning.

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Consider security cameras

A more popular option in recent years has been the introduction of residential security cameras. Often this tends to cover the front and the rear of your property on the main entry levels. However, you can even consider adding security cameras to the interior of your home. Again linking them to your smartphone giving you 24 hour access to your home. Some models are more obvious than others can again deter people from attempting to enter your home if they are spotted.

Update your fencing and boundaries

A quick and easy way to add extra security to your home is to update your fencing and boundaries. Things like a chain link fence can be a cost effective way of doing this. The idea is to make things difficult for opportunists. The last thing they want it is to fall at the first hurdle, and more often than not this is the fencing and boundaries you put in place. Another alternative is to add shrubbery and hedges. Making it harder still to gain access to your property.

Think about a pet dog

If you are against things like security systems or even putting up boundaries, then you may want to consider an alternative option. Getting a pet dog can be a great way to deter people from your home. While a dog is not just for security purposes, they can be very good at keeping their owners alert if something isn’t right or they her a sound. Often, this kind of security is priceless if you happen to be in your home if an opportunist strikes.

Add security measures to windows and doors

Finally, the main access to your home is through windows and doors. Theses days more modern fixtures have additional security like window locks and double locks on doors. Make sure you use these. They are a great benefit, and they may already be in place in your home.

I hope this has offered you some ideas to update the security in your home.

The wedding venue you pick will establish the theme and ambiance you want to create for your special day. A dreamy wedding venue can be anything from a city hall to a turreted castle and a destination location to a field full of lavender. Your venue choice is unique to both of you as a couple and should set the scene for your day, your way. You’ll want your venue to exude feelings of happiness, enjoyment, and beauty and for it to be a place where everyone can celebrate in style. Below we’ve picked out three completely different styles of the venue so you can start getting inspired.

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An Extravagant Chateau

If you want exclusivity and a fairytale venue, why not consider an elegant chateau as the location for your dream wedding? Make the most of spectacular landscaped gardens, grand ballrooms and dramatic staircases for the ultimate in luxury. There are some exquisite chateaus and castles in Washington, Texas, Louisiana and Florida that will recreate ab English fairytale style for your big day. For example, in a chateau in Houston, you’ll be privy to sumptuous surrounds that ensure you get married in style. And your guests will also be able to revel in all the beauty of the venue. On top of that, the photo opportunities will be spectacular. And just imagine arriving in your luxury wedding car to the gates of a beautiful chateau, knowing you’re about to tie the knot with the man of your dreams! Getting married in a chateau also offers ample opportunities for decadent entertainment. Think late night fireworks, outdoor canapés and summer games on the lawn. A chateau wedding will create a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience that can be shared with all your family friends. Chateaus that hold weddings will also have bespoke services available that you can take advantage of. Taking on the services of a wedding planner will guarantee a seamless and magnificent event that culminates in your fairytale ending. There is also the possibility that you may be able to spend the whole weekend at your chosen chateau. This means family and friends can take advantage of balmy weather, tennis, swimming pools and great dining. Which makes it almost a destination wedding in itself. If the venue only hires out for the day and evening, you can always ask for the price of hiring it out for the weekend. This is also a great way to incorporate a post wedding breakfast with everyone on the following day.      

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City Hall Chic

Shying away from a huge wedding and the immense pressure that goes with it? Are you more of a casual rock chick or bohemian babe who wants an intimate local gathering? Then why not consider a chic City Hall wedding in your hometown? It’s kind of hip to go laid back, and you can still add lots of little luxury touches to your special day. The benefits of choosing a City Hall as your wedding venue include a lower cost, and it eases a lot of the anxiety around a big wedding. Lots of couples love the idea of a good old fashioned knees up with their nearest and dearest in a casual environment. If you want to go crazy, you can even rock up to New York City Hall on any given day, take a number and get hitched there and then! Often a city wedding holds a special place in a couple’s heart. It may be sentimental as the place that you met, or it may be monumental as the place your parent’s also got married. Don’t dismiss close-to-home or smaller venues. Sometimes they are just as chic as the bigger ones! And sometimes couples choose a City Hall to have a second wedding if they have chosen to elope to another dreamy destination. This gives all the family a chance to celebrate when they get home. There are many options available when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. So always be sure to consider those that think a little outside of the box!

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Dreamy Destination

If you want to go exotic, how about a wanderlust wedding in a dreamy destination?  While it may take a lot of planning and organizing to get all your chosen guests on board, the powder white sands, captivating sunsets and glamorous venues are sure to make it worthwhile. Hawaii, Malibu, Italy and France are all quixotic destination wedding locations. And they certainly make all that effort worthwhile. On top of that, a destination wedding means you’ll have a few days before and after to spend with your family and loved ones. And can even enjoy your honeymoon in the same whimsical spot. Many destination wedding venues also have an onsite wedding planner which takes away a lot of the stress. And to top it all off your wedding photographs will be picture perfect in every shot!

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Despite what the song and wedding traditions may say, diamond engagement rings are not every woman’s top choice. While there is no denying their timeless appeal and beauty, they just aren’t for everyone. But if you were intent on proposing with a diamond, this can leave you in a difficult situation. Thankfully there are ways you can both get what you want. To assist you in your search for the perfect engagement ring, here are some fantastic compromises you should consider buying.

Garnet gemstones

The deep red colour of garnet gemstones makes them a striking choice for an engagement ring. They are durable and long-lasting but only if they are cleaned regularly and worn with care. Garnets are also more affordable than most gemstones, making them an appealing choice to those with a tight budget. All gemstones have their own significant meaning and garnets are no different. Traditionally, garnets are associated with devotion and commitment which are perfect for a proposal. With the help of a professional, garnets can easily to added to diamond engagement rings. The combination of diamonds with garnets is a popular one as it creates a look that really makes a statement.

two hands, a heart and a crown.


Claddagh ring

If you or your partner have Irish heritage, a Claddagh ring could be the perfect diamond alternative to use for your proposal. These traditional rings feature a heart, crown and two hands- which symbolize respect, love and loyalty. Claddagh rings have been around for centuries, making them rich in history and cultural significance. The ring is worn facing outwards during your engagement but is then turned to face your partner once you are legally married. It may only be a simple design, but the meaning behind the Claddagh ring makes it very special indeed.

To make the ring feel more special, you can have a diamond set into the design. This could be around the band or to cover the heart shape in the center of the Claddagh design. Either way, proposing with a Claddagh ring is guaranteed to mean the world to your lady.


Pearls have become an increasingly popular option for engagement rings. Their ivory colouring gives them a classic look that works well no matter what you wear them with. But their rounded shape adds a contemporary feel to the ring’s design. Like garnets, pearls also have their own significant meaning. Giving someone a pearl shows worth, humility and purity. All of which are beautiful sentiments to give to the woman you love. You have the choice to buy a ring with a single pearl or one that has multiple smaller pearls combined. Pearls also work well when combined with diamonds of varying sizes. So talk to a jeweller about choosing the right pearl and what stones could be added to make it even more spectacular.

If you still have your heart set on proposing with just a diamond ring, why not have it custom made. This can add a more unique and personal touch that the lady in your life is bound to adore.

Fall is here, and it’s time for those all-important wardrobe updates. If you’re keen to follow the trends and look stylish this fall, don’t forget the detail. Accessories can make an outfit and increase the versatility of your wardrobe. Here are some top styling tips to help you accessorise those key fall looks.


You lose a lot of heat through your head, and nobody wants cold ears. Hats are a fall essential, but which type will you choose? Thankfully, there’s a whole array of options to suit every occasion.

For a great smart casual look, go for a bowler or felt fedora. Black, navy and grey are excellent options. If you’re looking to add colour to an outfit, opt for camel or burgundy. These more formal styles work well with trench coats or faux fur gilets. Pair with skinny jeans, blouses and boots for a cozy, chic getup. Fedoras and bowler hats are also a fantastic accompaniment to knitted dresses. Team with thick tights, a pea coat and brogues.

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If you’re after something a little more casual, go for a cap or a beanie. Beanies and bobble hats are the perfect cold weather accessory. They look cute, and they’ll keep you warm. Caps are a nod to the 90’s, a trend, which is back with a vengeance. Wear a wooly bobble hat with slim-fit jeans, slouchy boots and an oversized boyfriend cardigan. Team a cap with mom jeans, a sweater and sneakers for the ultimate in style and comfort. If you’re keen on retro styles, invest in a bandana that can be worn many different ways. Wear as a headband with casual clothing or as a scarf with a smarter blouse.

 photo 2_zpslado1n1k.jpg

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A scarf is a fall staple. There are kinds of different styles, and you can use them to dress an outfit up or down. Lightweight scarves are ideal for bright, warm fall days. Thick woolen snoods are perfect for freezing temperatures. Wrap a wide-knit scarf over snuggly jumpers and add a bobble hat for wintry walks with the dog. Or go for a silk scarf for a glamorous night out.

Scarves are not just there to keep you warm. They can also add color and texture to your outfit. Switch up the fabrics you wear, and use your accessories to make your ensemble more interesting. This fall, go for animal print, plaid, or luxurious looking metallics.

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Your hands are often the first parts of your body to feel the cold. On those chilly days, there’s nothing worse than struggling to get your tickets out or find change because your hands are freezing. Gloves are practical, but they can also be incredibly stylish. You can add a color pop with gloves or a luxe feel with leather or faux fur.

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Most of us love buying new bags. There’s a bag for every occasion and a new season is a perfect excuse to invest in some new styles. Jewel tones like midnight blue, scarlet, and deep purple, are excellent color choices for the fall. Black is a classic that will never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to make a statement, leopard print is always a good idea in the cooler months. If you are going for a printed bag, keep the rest of your outfit minimal. If you’ve got a leopard clutch, for example, this will look incredible with a simple but beautiful black cocktail dress. Oversized bags are a fantastic investment for fall. You can carry extra layers around with you, as well as your usual handbag essentials and an umbrella.

If you’re looking for a casual bag, opt for a rucksack or a satchel. Both of these vintage styles have made a catwalk comeback, so you’ll be bang on trend. Look out for metallic satchels as a change to the traditional tan and black leather versions. Add a leather rucksack to cigarette pants, a maxi cardigan and tasselled loafers for a sophisticated take on Boho style. Look around for styling tips on sites like Instagram. If you spot a celebrity sporting a killer bag, you can probably find a cut-price version on the high street.

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If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration this fall, look no further than some new accessories. Adding a hat, scarf or bag can transform an outfit and give you all kinds of different looks from a capsule wardrobe. Embrace the catwalk trends, and style up your clothing with different accents. Your new accessories will keep you warm, and ensure you look stylish whatever the occasion.

There are some cities that you really have to get in among to truly experience them. Those cities that are like little rabbit warrens of winding streets and side avenues. Other cities are more “cityscape” cities. You know the type – they are places that you’ll see in wide-frame photos encapsulating the skyline, usually at night. Into the latter category fall places like Dubai, Shanghai and of course NY.

There is a reason cities will fall into one of these two categories, and it usually has to do with a city being a financial center. Those prior three mentioned all have this in common. Space is at a premium, and when we run out of it at ground level, we build UP. That’s why we get skyscrapers, and skyscrapers make cityscapes. And nowhere is this more ably demonstrated than in New York.

 photo 1_zpss5jfnfjn.jpg

Getting Into An Empire State Of Mind?

This is one of the things that makes The City That Never Sleeps exciting for a tourist. Simultaneously, it also makes it a little intimidating. When you visit New York for the first time, bring a neck pillow, because you spend a lot of time looking up. Usually while saying “Wow! You don’t really get how big it is on TV!”. But you don’t want to be THAT tourist, so it’s worth thinking of some ways you can even up the score with this most beguiling of cities.

  1. Don’t Try To See Everything In One Trip

New York is one of the world’s most populous cities, and the most populated in America. So there is going to be a lot to do and see here. On one visit to New York, it’s easy for your eyes to get bigger than your belly. You will want to see everything.

 photo 2_zpsfgmo1map.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge – driven over by your favorite TV show characters, probably

It makes sense to narrow that down to some real specifics. Are you a TV buff? Pick some locations that mean something to you from Sex And The City, Gossip Girl or Mad Men. A foodie? Pick some restaurants that reflect your tastes (there will be some in New York, whatever your preference!).

  1. Don’t Look Up – Look Down On NYC!

Sacrilege, I know, but a city that has been celebrated on screen and in song so often can handle it. Instead of walking around with your neck craned to check out the sights, see it from the sky. Take an NYC helicopter tour and see the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island and other sights from above. This way, you’ll avoid the common condition “Tourist’s Neck”!

 photo 3_zps7fhoply8.jpg

Not so big now, are you, Lady Liberty?

  1. Don’t Act Like A Tourist

It sounds elitist, but bear with it. If you go to New York, of course you are a tourist, and without you the city would be a lot poorer. However, the more you act like a tourist, the more you will be treated like one. And New York is a busy city, as Frank Sinatra mentioned. If you mill around sidewalks taking photos and getting in people’s way, they will not be shy about letting you know.

Tourists Taking Selfie - Central Park

Selfie in Central Park = Good. Selfie In Grand Central Station = Bad

Cab drivers will charge you “tourist fares”. And by trying to tick off all the major landmarks you’ll miss some of the lesser-known spots that you’d actually love. Because New York is home to so many people, and therefore is a treasure trove for people just like you. How do we know? Because with nearly 20 million inhabitants, it statistically must be home to some people just like you.

Follow the tips above and your first trip to New York will be everything you hoped it would be – that’s a promise.

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21. 09. 2016

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Now is the time to start getting your FW outfits straight and checking out the trends for this season. Over the last few seasons we have seen sportswear just creeping in, but this FW it’s going to be big. But what sort of sportswear is in and how should it be worn? Read on to find out?


 photo meadow-1240725_960_720_zpsi41sl6xf.jpg


So first things first, only the fashion world could deem an anorak stylish and cause everyone to rush and a buy one. Ok, they are practical in a changeable climate. Also, they work well for actual sporting adventures, but their cred as a fashion statement is still a bit questionable. But Balenciaga seemed to have worked their magic on this unlikely style.

Be careful any old waterproof just won’t do. We are talking 90’s ski inspired here. Look for bold colors, get some neon if you can. Also to distinguish them from the normal run of the mill coats the designer varieties have been sporting couture cuts. So remember shape is everything!

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets have already had some popularity this year in the fashion world, get prepared to see this carry over in FW 2016. Whether in satin or denim the bomber is a great casual look to throw on over jeans or legging. Wear with a longline tunic top to get the contrast in shapes. Finish off with a chunky heeled worker boot for an edgy on-trend look.

A bomber can also dress up an evening outfit too. Delicate lace version can look beautiful over a sleek fitted dress or crop top and pencil skirt combo. In fact, the bomber jacket is probably one of the most versatile looks in the sportswear trend 2016. You can wear them in nearly every color and fabric and still look amazing. Watch out for black, white or neons to be bang on trend for FW 2016.

Track Suits

Believe it or not, we are now seeing a resurgence in the popularity of those velour tracksuits that all the stars had i n the 90’s! While they are super comfy for lounging around in, unless you have a new album coming out, you might want to avoid heading to the store in them. They give off mixed fashion messages, to say the least.


 photo shoes-690608_960_720_zpsz8ycd9of.jpg

Image here

Are those of you that are only ever seen out of doors in a heel, breaking out in a cold sweat over this sportswear trend? We’ll don’t worry because it’s not all training shoes. Take a look around East Bay from some chunky work boots like the ones from Timberland. These will work well with the sportswear style, and you can even get Eastbay promo codes from the internet so you can get some money off your shop.

College Sweaters

A fun time to add to your FW wardrobe is a sports team sweater. These are usually made from thick wool, with a V-neck and team colors. Go for the super oversized look with leggings or skinny jeans. Perfect for long walks in the falling leaves. Or girl it up by combining with an extra long pencil skirt for an interesting shape.