Spring Time Hair Accessories You Need Now!

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With spring upon us, hair has come out of hat hibernation. If your tresses are tired of hiding, bring them out into the sunshine and embellish them with the beauty they deserve. Here are some hot hair accessories that are so right now!

Jeweled Headbands

Headbands have been a staple fashion accessory for years but now they’ve been amped up to feature jewels, metal filigree and Grecian styling. Some have embellishment that wraps around the whole head, and some have just a few inches of fancy for an asymmetrical look. Wear them on the crest of your head or under bangs for a subtle sparkle!

Hair Flowers

On a romantic French braid or loose bun, nothing looks prettier than a dainty flower. Small paper flower clips or larger, colorful hair flowers like these bring a femininity that turns heads.

Dreadlock Extensions

Temporary dreads can add a hint of grunge to your look while at a festival but be removed quickly when the work week begins. If you are a bohemian goddess on the weekends, clip-in embellishments are made for you.

Big Bows

Go big or go home! Add a statement pop of color to your hair by adding one of the biggest trends of the season: a giant bow. The headband keeps it in place while you get on with your life.

Embellished Bobbies and Barrettes

Bobby pins are a perennial necessity, but they don’t have to be boring. Jewels, metalwork and beading make these workhorses stand out in your mane. The same goes for geometrically shaped barrettes and other staples of the hair accessory world.

Dangling Halo

Give your hair a little va-va-voom with dangling halos of metal and feathers that drive the usual headband into reverse gear. There’s no reason the back of your ‘do doesn’t deserve some love, too!

Knit Turban

No one needs to know you didn’t have time to do your hair today! Pop on a colorful knit turban for a retro look that is perfect for poolside.

Flower Crowns

Boho and ethereal flower crowns have been super hot for a couple seasons, and this spring is no exception. Add some understated natural elegance to your ensemble while getting back to Mother Earth.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Makeup Products Online in Singapore

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Women love makeup more than anything else in this world! I don’t know exactly what’s the reason behind it? As far as my imagination goes, I can make out that make up is the sole thing in this world that helps a woman to conceal her weaknesses. This is the biggest reason for women’s dying fascination for makeup products.

You may come across lot of comments on the web or on public forums that men prefer women wearing less make up. As per me this can be an individual statement of some few guys. But the prevailing truth is that a woman in full make up from head to toes still rules on the mind and heart of men!

All of you will agree with me that make up goes a long way in enhancing the overall look of a person. Forget about common women. Let’s take an example of celebrities. Have you seen them anywhere, in real or in pictures without make up? You can’t even recognize them without make up!

So it’s better to be in love with it, as far as it helps you in looking gorgeous than your real self. After all everyone is not blessed by God to appear naturally beautiful. Most of us don’t use make up daily just because we don’t have enough to time to keep a track on what’s there or what’s not there in our makeup kit.

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But now you have the option to buy them online. For buying makeup products online in Singapore, you refer these websites.

  1. Amazon

For buying make up products you should always prefer such places which have a long credibility and standing in the market. Skin is the most sensitive part of our body, so the things which you apply directly on it should never be the second best. Amazon is such a place where you can buy anything without having any doubt in your mind regarding its quality.

  1. Luxola

Luxola is definitely one of the biggest online stores in Singapore aggressively dedicated to fashion, beauty, cosmetics, skin care and make up products. The popularity of Luxola has surged unprecedentedly in recent times. Online shoppers are finding it very difficult to keep their hands off from it. It has different types of makeup products for different types of requirements.

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten is such a site that has varied and numerous products on its portal. No doubt it’s a one stop shop that takes care of your daily needs in a beautiful manner. It’s a great place for buying anything which comes under the scanner of the blue sky!

  1. All Deals Asia

When you will go on All Deals Asia, then one thing is sure to happen. Your overall knowledge about makeup and makeup products will enhance a lot. You can check it on your own if you are finding my words difficult to digest. Mascara Applicator Guide, Eyeliner, Foundation- the list is endless. Rest I will leave, for you to explore!

  1. Ebay

Ebay is one of the most coolest and trusted name for online shopping in Asia. It possesses a huge customer base. The product categories of Ebay is that much huge and long that you will get tired of viewing it but the list will not fall short! You can comfortably place a search on ebay for any kind of makeup products of any brand and you won’t be disappointed. This is my bet!

Make your own video as per the need of fashion industry

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If we have a look at the field of fashion, we can see that most of the industries are trying to use videos to display their new fashion brand, or sell a product to the customers. Hence, if you are related to any type of fashion industry, then it is better to support your brands through your own customized video clip. And this can be carried out only with movie maker for Mac or Windows system.

Each of the features of a movie maker system like Movavi is helpful for your company. You can alter a video according to your own needs. For example, you can split a particular video with no recoding. So, the task becomes very easy, and you can even preserve the quality of your video.

Convert video to 3D or any format for application in business

The most important feature of the software is that you can convert a video of any format to the other format. Nowadays, 3D format is useful not only for personal use but also for business purpose. There are many fashion designers who are now taking the benefit of 3D visualization in order to accelerate their design procedure and improve creativity. So, when you can convert the video to 3D format easily with the help of video converter, you will have a great facility in the fashion industry.

Obviously, you want to make your video run in all mobile devices so that each of your customers can enjoy it. Your business may need MP4, AVI or some other formats. Video converter software only helps to convert the video in all these formats. You can also utilize the helpful mobile presets in order to watch the outcome of the video screen recording on your Smartphone, tab, or any other portable gadget.

Your fashion industry may need to convert the files in different modes. The various ways in which the files can be converted are

  • AVI MP4 to AVI
  • MP4 to MKV
  • MP4 to AVI
  • 3GP to AVI
  • AVI to WMV and so on

The business man, who wants to publish their videos on the web, may wish to convert the file into HTML5 or Flash. It can easily be done with the aid of Movavi video converting software. Thus, you can promote your fashion industry related video with no effort. And, the viewers will realize that you are the representation of the particular brand. Moreover, they can also experience the incomparable High-Definition motion picture that shows the description of your fashion products.

As a whole, with the features of video converter, you can convert videos in your own way and carry out the video marketing in fashion industry.

Champagne Or Brown Diamonds, What’s The Difference?

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Did you know that brown diamonds are actually the most common type occurring in nature? Although white diamonds have always been more traditional, brown diamonds are experiencing a resurgence as more people discover the rich, warm beauty of these stones. However, there are a number of different names out there for these stones, including “chocolate”, “champagne,” “cognac”, or even “cinnamon”. So how do you tell the difference between them?

Similarities and Confusion

Generally, there are no differences in mining, treatment, or processing between these types of stones, and a “cognac” diamond and “champagne” diamond can come from the same supplier and even the same mine. Brown diamonds naturally occur in a wide variety of hues, ranging from an intense mocha to a pale off-white. The names refer only to the color of the diamond, not the quality—and that’s when the names are accurate at all.

The truth is, the labels given to brownish diamonds are not officially classified, and generally one name can apply to a variety of different shades. To make things more confusing, the name “chocolate diamond” has been trademarked by Le Vian, and is used by them to refer to a wide variety of shades. Although chocolate diamonds may be difficult to classify what’s sure is that in all color variations they are beautiful and unique. If you are interested in seeing what these stones look like close up, many jewelers now sell jewelry incorporating these stones, including Milano and Kay.

Champagne Diamonds

When looking at these diamonds, there are general trends that can help clear up confusion. Generally, lighter browns with a yellowish hue are referred to as champagne diamonds, named after the drink. These are a popular choice with many consumers, who love the bright sparkle and the celebratory vibe.

Cognac Diamonds

On the other hand, diamonds with deeper brown colors are referred to as cognac diamonds. These have a warm, luxurious look that really make them stand out from more traditional choices. Cognac diamonds with overtones of orange, red, or pink might also be referred to as cinnamon diamonds, depending on who you talk to.

Beautiful Brown

Of course, the term “brown” is a simple and descriptive way to classify the colors of these natural diamonds. It is a popular choice because it accurately captures the color and doesn’t fall prey to marketing schemes. However, the phrase “brown diamond” is that it can refer to champagne, cognac, chocolate, or some other hue entirely, leaving customers with a wide range of options.

Fortunately, the confusion about naming hasn’t stopped customers form discovering the beauty and uniqueness of these gorgeous stones. Whether set in a silver pendant or gracing a rose gold ring, champagne, cognac, and brown diamonds are sure to shine.

Shopping For Eyewear Based On Your Face Shape

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Gone are the days when women prefer to go through all the hassle of wearing contact lenses rather than wear eyeglasses and look geeky. Today, there are so many online optical stores offering a wide selection of stylish eyeglasses. This fact have made shopping for eyeglasses and wearing them more fun. Plus, women no longer feel unattractive and nerdy. However, careful attention must be observed when buying a pair. It must match perfectly with your personality and face shape. Always choose frames that enhance your best facial features because the right eyeglasses can also be a bold fashion statement.

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If you have an oblong face with oval features, a rectangular or squared frame is suitable. Frames with a low bridge that shortens the nose will also look good on an oblong face. For women with an oval shaped face, do not buy frames that are too narrow. If you have a diamond shaped face, you would want your frames to soften the cheekbones, so oval, rimless frames, and cat-eye frames are the best choices. Those with round faces should select angular narrow frames because this gives the illusion of a thinner face. A rectangular frame is another good option. If your face has a square shape, buy narrow frames with narrow ovals and wide widths.

For affordable, stylish, and comfortable eyewear, shop at Eyeglass Discounter. Established in 1982, this family owned business is dedicated to give its customers the best and most effective eyecare services available online. They only sell high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses for every face shape there is. They have hipster eyewear and even have designer glasses from brands like Bulgari, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, and Michael Kors among others. You can shop by brand or category (men’s and women’s). Some of the lenses they offer are Anti-Reflective, Astigmatic, Progressive, Bifocal, No-line Bifocal, Non-Prescription, Polycarbonate, and Scratch Resistant Lenses. The competent staff and licensed eye care professionals at Eyeglass Discounter make sure that all the queries of customers are answered and that they are provided with all the information they need concerning their eyesight. Being able to assist and eventually make customers happy is their utmost goal.