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19. 06. 2017

I am looking for the fjh music but I haven’t get any as yet as for today. If happened you knew any stores whether in online or in the mortar stores please do let me know as I am too keen to have it anytime soon. Actually, I haven’t know the use of it yet I just instructed to buy one for our music class that will take place this Saturday. I hope you can help me with this one. Thanks in advance.

You heard it right folks! that evh available at Musicians Friend in a very reasonable prices than in any mortar stores nears you hence it’s better to get yours at the mentioned shop as this was the best store to shop this as for the survey, though. I hope then you can consider them as I promised that they’re the most awesome shop online that we could relay on as for the musical instruments and accessories.

If you happened to have a guitar or any similar types. You might as well looking for the best guitar center to use to have your guitar fixed if needed, right? so I was here to suggest you a place where you can visit anytime you wanted as it was an online based and here their link: you can consult your problem with them and even buy off some accessories to use for your guitar and other good thing was, the did offer services that is easy to do and access to learn this matter you can check the given link for your convenience.

21. 03. 2017

Wanna upgrade your old keyboard into electric piano? if so, why not checking this shop here called musician friend where they sells out almost all the type of piano available today in the market thus you can probably get them in the very cheapest price unlike when you guy off yours in any nearby stores that has a limited stock and they dont care to drop the price a little bit as they have to live and get the proper amount for the store quota. Hence, it is really advisable to have buy it online than to any mortar stores.

03. 12. 2016

I rarely blog u something personal here. Because as much as possible I really wanted here to be in theme and informative but right now am in need of your help to find this rare finds here called bam cases. Actually, I need it to my music class as the prof required us all to have it the next week class. Hence, what should I do as I dont know where to buy it off. Please help!

01. 10. 2016

To all musically inclined out there, please help me on this as
I need to have this yamaha dtxplorer whether a new one or pre-loved will do, or better if you can instead lend me? because my professor had instructed us to have it for the upcoming recital but I dont know where to get it. Please suggest and I’ll be more harpy if you leave such details on my comment box below.

21. 09. 2016

Ipad is much useful today than to you regular desktop and computer. why? because ipad is very handy and you can easily bring it out in any places and anytime. that’s why having your own ipad music stand is a must as it was really useful not just for your music thingy but also if you need to search and type something for your work or for school. Actually, a lot of peeps are pretty pleased in getting themselves one of it hence you should get yourself too for your own convenient.

21. 09. 2016

I am actually looking for the full piano keyboard to use for my recital in my music class. Actually, am planning to buy one even without the recital thing as I am too leased to learn it and be professional pianist, hopefully, soon. But I didn’t know where could I buy it of course am looking for the best quality one and yet the price isn’t that costly to have because I’ve heard that usual piano keyboard are quite expensive to have hence minimal of the musicians who consider it to have.. hence, I was looking for the cheap one, hopefully to have it soon..

 As you all know that I used to blog up some YouTube videos related in this blog as I am keen to be updated on what’s new or not over the video sharing site and for today, I just got this performance video of taeyeon of snsd as she set her own stage for her new single entitled ” Why”.

As I watched the whole performance, I must say that the song itself is very catchy like what other kpop songs does and for the dance and totality of performance, I must say that she does a great job as it has its grove on it thus a lot of people especially those avid fans are already got crazed in this new song trend.

You can actually heads up over YouTube for her more performances videos and as I know she does released another song titled “starlight” that you might get interests too on listening, you can also check that out over YouTube for your own satisfaction.

Bachelorette Party

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One thing that counteracts the stresses of planning a wedding is the fun and thrill of putting together a bachelorette party. It’s really up to you what type of activities and fun is involved in this special party, but we’ve got some ideas. Don’t forget that this is your last night of true freedom before marriage. You can do anything you want within reason. It’s not uncommon for the bachelorette party to cost just as much as the wedding. But it will be worth it with one incredible send off in store. Here are some of our best ideas for your bachelorette party.

Hire A Limo

Nothing says freedom more than hiring a limo for a cruise around town. You can get one big enough for all your friends, hanging out the roof as you drive past. You can even use it for a bar crawl heading from one great venue to the next. Make sure that you ring the clubs ahead of time so that you get VIP privileges. It’s your night. You don’t want to be waiting in a queue outside the door. If you’re interested in arranging a hummer hire, visit here.

Take A Trip

It’s almost a classic move for bachelor parties to end up in Vegas or some other exotic location. But why should guys have all the fun? There’s nothing stopping you taking your bachelorette party on the road. Don’t feel like you need to stay in the local area. You can go anywhere you want. If you fancy rolling the dice in Vegas, book tickets now for your bachelorette party. Or, maybe you’d prefer to head somewhere more tropical. You can even spend your party relaxing at a wonderful spa. As we said, the choice is entirely yours. We’re just here to give you some ideas.

Strippers And Dancers

If you think your future husband is going to hold his word and not hire a stripper, think again. Or rather, if you think his best man will respect the future vows he will take on your wedding day, don’t count on it. It’s more than likely that your future husband will have a stripper at his bachelor party. So why should he get all the fun? Make sure your maid of honor books one or two for you as well. Remember, there’s no harm in looking. You just shouldn’t touch.

Matching Outfits

You need to make sure that you get matching outfits for everyone attending your party. Particularly, if you’re heading out on the town. It lets everyone know that you’re part of a group and gives you a sense of a communal spirit. No bridal party member gets left behind.

Live Like It’s Your Last Night

Finally, whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. Don’t spend your last night single completing activities that you won’t enjoy. Make sure that the night is based on what you love. Don’t let anyone rope you into doing things that you’ll regret. Ultimately, this is another night where everything should be suited entirely to your wishes. We hope you have a wonderful time.