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Every women deserved to be called beautiful because god made them as beautiful creation with love and affection hence they should treat fair and gem. But of course we inevitable for some occasions girls might not look that good as they aren’t prioritized to be doll-up or sorts as they needed to get some work done perhaps on that particular events or occasions which understandable, right? But you know what? there’s an hack for that which is having an elegant and sexy kind of dress especially if you are attending wedding or for your own wedding. Yes! being sexy or having this elegant looking dresses can brings the inner beauty to come out and it goes down on your body language and feels. To know this better, you can further search over google on how to feel beautiful and confident by wearing the best finds you have – there’s a bunch of writes about it hence you could learn a lot to it.

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Most brides hope that they’ll have the most perfect wedding day. However, many people who have done it will tell you not to set yourself up for disappointment. Your wedding day probably won’t be the best day of your life. If you have unrealistic expectations for it, you’ll end up feeling bad about your day and compare it to every other wedding in the world. Of course you’ll make some incredible memories with important people. But thinking it’s going to be perfect is probably going to cause problems. Although you might not have the ‘perfect’ day, the following tips might help you.

Don’t Think Too Much About Things That Don’t Matter

Try not to overthink things that aren’t going to matter that much. Will anybody really appreciate being given a bag of sugared almonds? There are so many things that go into a wedding, and some of them don’t make much of a difference at all. Make sure you focus on the things that really matter to you to have the best time.

Get Someone To Help You Plan

By getting someone to help you plan, you’ll get an outside perspective and be able to avoid getting too stressed over it all. Look at local wedding planners, whether you’re having a wedding at home or a destination wedding. They are experienced in this area and will know exactly how to bring your dream wedding to life.



Release All Expectations Of The Day

By releasing all of the expectations you might have of the big day, you’ll have a better time. Holding on too tightly to ‘perfection’ will only set you up for disappointment. Enjoy your day, whatever happens!

Live In The Moment

Living in the moment can be difficult for most people. We’re all far too concerned with the future and things that could go wrong. Live in the moment instead, focusing only on what’s right in front of you. The more you do this, the better you’ll feel during your day, and the better your memories of it will be. If you find yourself worrying or your thoughts going out of the moment, gently bring yourself back to it by breathing deeply and focusing on what’s going on. It’ll help if you don’t get too drunk, either. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with memory loss!

Know What’s Really Important To You

Think about what’s really important to you and make a list of priorities. For instance, maybe you want the perfect playlist, or to make a great speech. Just focus on those things. If anything else doesn’t go to plan, there’s no need to worry. You will have made sure your priorities were taken care of.

As you can tell, there isn’t usually such as thing as the ‘perfect’ wedding day. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a wonderful day. Use these tips to plan your day as best you can and really take it all in on the day. Thanks for reading!

Everyone says that the day you get married should be the happiest day of your life. Thinking about it, it sounds like that should be true. What could be better than vowing to spend the rest of your life with the partner of your dreams, before having a lovely meal and huge party with your nearest and dearest? But the truth is that wedding days are often extremely stressful and you might be so busy worrying and hoping that all your plans go right that you forget to enjoy yourself. Here are some tips on how to plan your wedding so you can really enjoy your big day.


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Get Organised

No matter how organised you think you already are, you aren’t organised enough! Make a wedding binder and start a spreadsheet on Excel so you can see what exactly you’ve booked and what you’ve paid and what you still need to pay. You should also make a spreadsheet for your guests so you can see who’s RSVP’d, who’s coming to the ceremony, who’s coming to the evening event, and what food they’ve all ordered. Check out websites like to help you plan.

Make Your Guest List Early

Without a guest list, you also don’t have a budget or any idea about how large you need your venue to be. Aside from the date, your guest list is the first thing that you should solidify with your husband to be. This means that you can see exactly how much money you have to spend and how much space you need in your venue.


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Delegate Tasks

Trust your husband to be. What would be the point in marrying him if you couldn’t trust him to pay the venue deposit or to pick a wedding band? It’s very tempting to micromanage your wedding but the truth is that, for the sake of your own sanity, you need to trust other people to help you out too.

Discuss Your Future Plans

During your engagement, the last thing you want to be feeling is that you’re starting to get cold feet. Your wedding will probably cost a lot of money as you start to put down more and more deposits and as your family and friends start to book plane tickets and hotel rooms so they can be part of your special day. That’s why you should discuss your future with your husband to be as soon as you can, particularly if you had a whirlwind romance. Finding out that you don’t have the same vision of your future together would be heartbreaking but it’s important to make sure that you’re on the same page about having children, about where to live, and what you want your future to be. Make sure that you know these things about your future spouse as soon as you can.


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Try To Enjoy It

Easier said than done, but do your best to make wedding planning fun! Take your husband to be cake tasting and enjoy it with him, go to a bar with your girlfriends after they’ve tried on their bridesmaid dresses, and take your mother to get her hair done when you’re looking for hairdressers. Try to make sure you really enjoy planning your wedding so that when your big day rolls around, you’re as excited as you possibly can be!

The wedding venue you pick will establish the theme and ambiance you want to create for your special day. A dreamy wedding venue can be anything from a city hall to a turreted castle and a destination location to a field full of lavender. Your venue choice is unique to both of you as a couple and should set the scene for your day, your way. You’ll want your venue to exude feelings of happiness, enjoyment, and beauty and for it to be a place where everyone can celebrate in style. Below we’ve picked out three completely different styles of the venue so you can start getting inspired.

 photo cambridge_zpsoki0lqgy.jpg

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An Extravagant Chateau

If you want exclusivity and a fairytale venue, why not consider an elegant chateau as the location for your dream wedding? Make the most of spectacular landscaped gardens, grand ballrooms and dramatic staircases for the ultimate in luxury. There are some exquisite chateaus and castles in Washington, Texas, Louisiana and Florida that will recreate ab English fairytale style for your big day. For example, in a chateau in Houston, you’ll be privy to sumptuous surrounds that ensure you get married in style. And your guests will also be able to revel in all the beauty of the venue. On top of that, the photo opportunities will be spectacular. And just imagine arriving in your luxury wedding car to the gates of a beautiful chateau, knowing you’re about to tie the knot with the man of your dreams! Getting married in a chateau also offers ample opportunities for decadent entertainment. Think late night fireworks, outdoor canapés and summer games on the lawn. A chateau wedding will create a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience that can be shared with all your family friends. Chateaus that hold weddings will also have bespoke services available that you can take advantage of. Taking on the services of a wedding planner will guarantee a seamless and magnificent event that culminates in your fairytale ending. There is also the possibility that you may be able to spend the whole weekend at your chosen chateau. This means family and friends can take advantage of balmy weather, tennis, swimming pools and great dining. Which makes it almost a destination wedding in itself. If the venue only hires out for the day and evening, you can always ask for the price of hiring it out for the weekend. This is also a great way to incorporate a post wedding breakfast with everyone on the following day.      

 photo cam1_zps4jvtaely.jpg

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City Hall Chic

Shying away from a huge wedding and the immense pressure that goes with it? Are you more of a casual rock chick or bohemian babe who wants an intimate local gathering? Then why not consider a chic City Hall wedding in your hometown? It’s kind of hip to go laid back, and you can still add lots of little luxury touches to your special day. The benefits of choosing a City Hall as your wedding venue include a lower cost, and it eases a lot of the anxiety around a big wedding. Lots of couples love the idea of a good old fashioned knees up with their nearest and dearest in a casual environment. If you want to go crazy, you can even rock up to New York City Hall on any given day, take a number and get hitched there and then! Often a city wedding holds a special place in a couple’s heart. It may be sentimental as the place that you met, or it may be monumental as the place your parent’s also got married. Don’t dismiss close-to-home or smaller venues. Sometimes they are just as chic as the bigger ones! And sometimes couples choose a City Hall to have a second wedding if they have chosen to elope to another dreamy destination. This gives all the family a chance to celebrate when they get home. There are many options available when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. So always be sure to consider those that think a little outside of the box!

 photo cam_zpsuzsnlhhz.jpg

Image source: Unsplash

Dreamy Destination

If you want to go exotic, how about a wanderlust wedding in a dreamy destination?  While it may take a lot of planning and organizing to get all your chosen guests on board, the powder white sands, captivating sunsets and glamorous venues are sure to make it worthwhile. Hawaii, Malibu, Italy and France are all quixotic destination wedding locations. And they certainly make all that effort worthwhile. On top of that, a destination wedding means you’ll have a few days before and after to spend with your family and loved ones. And can even enjoy your honeymoon in the same whimsical spot. Many destination wedding venues also have an onsite wedding planner which takes away a lot of the stress. And to top it all off your wedding photographs will be picture perfect in every shot!

 photo 1_zpsgv9c785l.jpg


When you’ve been invited to a wedding, the thought of what to wear can leave you feeling a bit uncertain. There are certain ‘rules’ related to wedding outfits, and it can be a struggle to know if what you plan on wearing is acceptable and appropriate. Plus you have to think of an outfit that works for both the daytime ceremony and the evening reception party. It’s all somewhat tricky! So as a wedding guest, what exactly do you wear?


You might think that both black and white are off limits for a wedding. However, there are ways you can incorporate both shades. Modern wedding etiquette suggests you can wear white providing you don’t look too ‘bridal.’ So all white outfits, especially those with lace or beading, are best avoided. But a dress with accents of white, or white pattern should be perfectly fine. A black dress can make a smart wedding choice, providing it doesn’t look too much like funeral attire. So brighten up the outfit with accessories to make it more wedding appropriate. Pastel shades make a good choice, and since most weddings are held in summer, they work well for the season.


It goes without saying that your clothing choices should be ‘wedding appropriate’- so nothing that is too short, tight or low cut. If you’re wearing something from your wardrobe that you haven’t tried on in a while, don’t leave it until the morning of the big day. It could have shrunk, or your body shape might have changed, making a once modest outfit into a very risque one. If you’re not a fan of skirts or dresses, smart tailored trousers are also okay. You can still take your personal style into account so that you don’t feel uncomfortable all day, providing you keep it smart of course. Any casual wear such as jeans or sportswear of any description is firmly out of bounds when it comes to weddings.


Weddings tend to be long days. Chances are you’ll be doing a lot of standing and maybe even dancing in the evening too after a few glasses of champagne! Heels will look more dressy, but comfort is also essential, so it’s not the time to go for the highest ones you own. If you struggle to spend a day in heels, a pair of cushioned insoles may help. You might want to keep a pack of blister plasters in your handbag too, just in case.

 photo 2_zpsv36brttb.jpg



Your accessories can really transform an outfit from day to night. This is especially handy for occasions like weddings where there will be both daytime and evening celebrations. For the daytime ceremony you could wear a tailored jacket or shrug over your dress, and then take it off for the reception. You could bring a glamorous necklace in your handbag and put this on in the evening to dress up your outfit, and take it from day to night.


Go for makeup you feel comfortable in, without going too heavy with it. When the ceremony is likely to be in the morning or early afternoon, very dark or excessive makeup isn’t likely to be the most appropriate choice. So avoid things like dark smokey eyes, excessive false lashes, and very dark lips! Going for a fresh-faced look which accentuates your features is your best bet. You could always bring a darker lipstick with you, and apply that for the celebrations later on. This will instantly make you look ready for the evening.


Fascinators have been standard in British wedding attire for generations, but since the Royal Wedding, they have become a worldwide trend. Unless the bride has requested no fascinators or head wear, then it’s perfectly acceptable to wear one if you like how they look. Just don’t go for something too bold which could detract attention from the bride, and be sure to coordinate it with the rest of your outfit. Alternatively, you could choose a pretty hair accessory instead. Something like a flower or a diamante comb or clip would work well and add a subtle glamorous touch to your outfit.

There are a few things to take into consideration when dressing for a wedding, but providing you give it some thought you will be fine. Be sure to try everything on together before the day itself so you know your outfit works, and you’re not left on the morning of the wedding in a stress about what to wear! Aim for smart and sophisticated and you’re on the right track.

What do you wear when you attend a wedding? Have you ever unknowingly made a wedding fashion faux par?

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Sometimes we need to be alone and have reflected yourself on how you can make your life meaningful and awesome. Yes! that what Ive thought this recently on how can I make my own self worthy and how can I live my life, though it’s inevitable to have these stressors around you oftentimes and sorts of unwanted things will occurs and yet I need to stand still and keep my heads up for the unpleasant things to happen besides god gives the hardest battle to his strongest child hence in away I felt blessed this phrase reminds me.

I’ve been battling with myself these days which I really cant disclose you here but I’ll be fine soonest so guys dont you worry I just need some time off for myself and have myself collected and be calm in any situations maybe.

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Your wedding day should be the most magical day of your life; it’s the day that you marry your soulmate and start your life together as one. Of course, if you don’t look and feel your best, the chances are that your wedding day won’t be the best day of your life. While it’s not all about looks, a bride should always feel beautiful, happy and confident. To ensure that on your wedding day, you look the most radiant you’ve ever looked, here’s what you need to do:

 photo bride-997604_960_720_zpsu1qzcfof.jpg

Source for picture

Get a spray tan

It’s amazing how much more confident a spray tan can make you feel. You’ve heard of body contouring, right? Well, a good spray tan will naturally contour your body, hiding your ‘problem’ areas and making you look and feel better. If you’ve never had a spray tan before, get one done a few weeks before the wedding to ensure that you know what shade you need. The last thing you want is to look orange on your wedding day, so it’s best to have a practice run beforehand.

Reserve the day before for relaxing

The day before your wedding, reserve for relaxing. If you’re not relaxed and rested, you won’t look and feel your best on your wedding day. So aim to spend the day before at a spa with your bridesmaids. Get massages, drink champagne, have your nails done; spend the day relaxing and unwinding in style. Take some time out and you’ll look and feel better for it. Stress has a big impact on how you look and feel, so it’s worth taking the time to rest and relax before your big day.

Have a relaxing bubble bath

On the morning of your wedding, don’t have a rushed shower, have a relaxing bubble bath instead. The chances are that you’ll be feeling a little nervous and stressed out, so relaxing in a bubble bath is ideal. It should help to soothe you and calm your nerves.

Build up your scent in layers

 photo Vintage_Atomizer_Perfume_Bottle_zpsfl8l5lzg.jpg

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You no doubt want your perfume to last all day, so what you need to do is apply your scent in layers. Invest in a body cream that matches your perfume, as this will help to keep you scent in place for longer. When you get out of the bath, while you’re still damp, apply a few squirts of perfume. Then, once you’re dry apply your matching body cream. Then, once you’re in your dress, spritz a little more perfume on, on your neck, wrists, and in your hair. This is sure to keep the scent in place all day long.

Hire a makeup artist

Even if you’re a pro at makeup, don’t attempt to do your own. You’ll be feeling nervous and stressed out and won’t need the extra pressure. Hire a makeup artist so that you can sit back and relax. Just make sure to do a test run a few weeks before, so that your makeup artist knows exactly what you want. If there’s any particular makeup you want to use, you can always buy it and give it to them to use. For instance, if you want to wear Velour mink lashes, buy some and ask your makeup artist to apply them. You can still have the look you want, you’ll just have less to stress about, that’s all.

Use a hair stylist

The same goes for your hair, even if you’re hair styling pro, it’s best to hire an expert. That way, you don’t have to stress about your hair, you can just sit back and relax and leave it down to your hair stylist. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a browse online. Any ideas you like, save to show your hair stylist.

To look and feel your best on your wedding day, take the above tips and advice on board. Take the time out to relax and unwind and leave your hair and makeup to the pros, so that you don’t have to stress about it.

02. 06. 2016

 photo taylor-swift-two-piece-celebrity-high-slit-prom-dress-grammys-2016-red-carpet-1_zpsybrwf94g.jpg

I remembered watching my mother, my aunties and the older girls in my family dressing up in their very best every time there is a special occasion to attend. They will rush to have their hair and nails done and that they have the right dress or gown ready for them. And they will take time to apply their makeup and to a young mind like mine, I just couldn’t understand why they have to go through all the trouble to dress up, just to attend some functions.

 photo kim-kardashian-sexy-slit-plunging-blue-prom-dress-with-long-sleeves_zps3nhz8pl7.jpg

Now that I have grown up, I no longer wonder why. I too love to dress up and I know that in every girl, there is a desire to look the best. Looking good gives us confidence. I always make sure I look good, especially in special occasions. In order to look good, I must be willing to invest in some good dresses. I need not have to burn a hole in my pocket buying expensive dresses but I need to shop smartly and buy elegant dress at reasonable prices.

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I am sure most girls, regardless of your age, love to shop. But there are some who are just too busy to spend hours going from one boutique to another and trying out the dresses one by one. We can be thankful for online shopping, where shopping is made easier for those who do not have the leisure time to spend hours shopping in the malls or boutiques.

With online shopping, even those who are too busy can now enjoy their shopping in the comfort of their home. While they sit back and lift up their tired feet after a hard day’s work, they can still enjoy online shopping for beautiful dresses. One of the websites to consider will be the LUNSS.

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Here at LUNSS, you can shop for all the special occasion dresses. Whether you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail or homecoming dress, you can find it at LUNSS. The formal dresses made by Lunss are in top fabric and the most trends style to fully show your beauty and they are very reasonably priced.

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A lot of girls are having a hard time to bring the best in them, What I mean by that? Well, the better them, the beauty inside them should be unleashed in no time, so how you can do that? No worries, that’s why I am here to give you some tips that you can do as it was necessarily for you to do, though.

Firstly, you should tell to yourself that you are indeed a beauty because by doing it your sub conscious mine is believing in that you really are hence it does shown to you by voluntarily boasting your confidence anytime you want. Why I know this? well, this was includes on the nlp training that am attending today and I must say that this trick really works, not just in particular person but also to all who needs it.

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