Pretty Excited For Summer

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I admit it, I am a outgoing person. Hence, when every time the summer season comes, my itchy feet are leading me somewhere just to have fun. For this summer, me and the husband had planned to have our vacation back home,Philippines. And to spend quality time to my family which the most practical to do. Because we can able to visit our family and enjoy our summer altogether, that’s makes me more excited to summer.

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But before anything else, we should pack some bunch of chocolates first for us to bring there as our pasalubong. Because everyone’s looking forward to it.. ehhee We, my husband, gone to albertson just to bought all of these and luckily we got them in sale hence we haven’t broke our pocket just to have these bunch.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking here for my Philippines vacation posts. I might also post up some of my outfits that may fill up my outfit post category.

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