Perfect Lipsticks for Work

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Many people think that they need to abandon pretty lipsticks for their work environments. This is simply not true, as there are a ton of gorgeous shades that are perfectly suitable for professionals. Try some of these out to see for yourself that you don’t have to forego your sense of style while you’re at work.

1. Neutral orange-pink

For a classic nude lip with just a hint of color, neutral orange-pinks are the way to go. These colors can work great on their own because they are subtle, so they have the added benefit of allowing you to dash off to work wearing nothing more than this lipstick.

2. Soft pink

A soft pink is both classy and versatile, pairing just as well with simple makeup as with more bold looks. If you’re looking for a girly, sweet look that won’t be distracting in the workplace, this may be the perfect lip color for you.

3. Peach

This subtle hue is bright and pretty, with sheerness that allows you to tone the color down for work and build it up for a little more pop once you leave the office.

4. Mauve

Great for spring and summer, this shade is light and adds just a touch of color. This makes it a perfect work lipstick because it is pretty and fresh without drawing too much attention.

5. Coral

For a slightly bolder choice, give a bright coral hue a shot. These lipsticks are a little sharper than most of the other colors on this list, but they can work in an office environment if you pair it with minimal makeup.

6. Cinnamon

As warm and spicy as its name, cinnamon shades are a great go-to work lipstick. They can bring a soft and subtle glow to your face while still remaining somewhat neutral.

7. Rose

Rose shaded lipsticks are great for those who are looking for a pop of color that still looks natural. These colors are visible yet muted, so they provide a sweet flush to your lips without being too overbearing.

8. Berry red

Sheer berry colors can work with a number of skin tones, especially those that come as lip stains. These will allow you to build the color into the intensity that you want, as well as having the added bonus of not requiring constant reapplications. This means that you can apply in the morning and forget about your lips until you get home at night.

According to, buildable effects and vibrant shades are important requirements for any work lipstick. Look out for these features when trying out the colors listed above to see for yourself how easily you can translate your personal style into your workplace.