Strawberry Picking, Baguio City – Philippines

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One thing I am always look forward to, is to visit my family back in the Philippines at least once every after 2 years. Because I really cant endures the bereavement that this country, US, given me. But good thing, my husband is truly supportive and let me have an vacation when every time I missed my family, of course he’s accompanying me as I visit my family.

A month ago, we managed to visit my family in the Philippines and am so excited to share with you some of our pictures when we got to in one of the finest province of the island of Philippines – the Baguio city in Benguet. Though we used to visit this placed often when I am still residing in the country and yet I’d still found it beautiful whenever I visited it.

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We’ve gone to the peek just to pick some fresh Strawberries. Fall season is the ideal months to go here since the strawberries are in season plus you can have them in a very reasonable price unlike when you buy some over the supermarket. We bought 3 baskets of strawberries for only 250php for all, 6 USD. And you can either buy an Strawberry made of soya milk or we called it “taho” for 15php per cup (0.30 pennies), pretty cheap right? hence you better go here as you found yourself wandering in the Philippines one day..