Stunning Factors that Influence Premature Hair Fall

Losing your hair during old age is something natural and something that you cannot avoid. However, premature hair fall is not inevitable. It usually occurs as a result of various other health conditions that can be fixed or at least reduced to a significant extent. In order to treat premature hair fall, one must identify the cause of it. Unfortunately, it can be caused due to various reasons. Listed below are some of them.

Overuse of wigs

Using wigs is not a problem, but overusing them can cause serious issues to one’s hair. The main purpose of wearing wigs is to enhance your beauty, which is why wigs Australia have gained much popularity and demand over the years. There is nothing wrong with using wigs. The usage itself cannot affect an individual’s hair directly. The problem lies in the addiction of the habit. People who wear wigs often forget the fact that their actual hair lies under that wig. They care more deeply about the condition of their wig than they bother about their natural hair. So make sure only to wear these at the most necessary times and never to forget the difference between what is real and what is not.


Research has proved that physical and mental stress influence hair fall to a significant extent. When the body experiences too much physical and emotional pain that it can handle, certain parts of the body, such as our hair, get damaged as a result. Any person who has been through an accident, severe illness or even a surgery can experience temporary hair loss till their body returns to the normal condition. In the same way, some people go through hair fall problems during traumatic and stressful times such as during an exam or even at the loss of a loved one. Therefore, you have to maintain your physical and psychological stress levels more carefully since it can affect your hair and many other parts of your body involuntarily.

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This is an example of hair loss that is caused due to significant physical stress. Many women experience hair fall problems during this stage of their life. An interesting fact is this condition usually occurs after child birth rather than occurring during the months of pregnancy. This proves that the condition is influenced by the amount of physical strain women go through during child birth. Although some women use antibiotics and vitamins to prevent this, doctors suggest that the best way to deal with this is to let nature play its course. Since the hair fall is only temporary, it is best to let it be than to damage your body further during this fragile condition.

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Excess of Vitamin A

The regular consumption of vitamin A is not something that we have to worry about. On the other hand, people who consume supplements and medications on a regular basis can influence hair fall. Dermatologists have confirmed that anyone over the age of 4 can be affected by excess consumption of Vitamin A. Instead of reducing the natural intake of the vitamin – which is through vegetables and fruits, it is best to control this excessive consumption by cutting down the artificial consumption. Talk to your physician or even a known pharmacist to check whether any of your medications contain too much vitamin A. If so, it is best to find an alternative for that particular medication since it indirectly influences hair fall.

Lack of protein

You have to include enough protein in your diet or your body might start to shutdown hair growth. When the rate of hair growth reduces, it can result in hair fall. As many of us know, protein is an important ingredient to maintain healthy and strong hair. Therefore, lack of protein can cause severe damage to your hair than you can imagine. Instead of taking supplements – which can actually further influence hair fall – it is best to increase your natural protein intake. That is, make sure that you include a lot of meat in your diet.

Hair fall can also occur due to hereditary reasons as well. In this case, there is no remedy whatsoever. Of course, you can reduce the effects by taking medications, but it is best to make use of other ways of help, such as through wigs, since the crisis is not something that can be averted naturally.

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