Know Your Body Type and Shop For the Right Clothes

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To build your personal style, you should first understand your body figure or know your specific body type. This important aspect will help you look your best in the clothes you wear. Take note that not all trends, designs, colors, and fabrics suit every figure. There’re five general body types namely Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, and Rectangle. Knowing your body type will enable you to correct and hide parts of your body so you can achieve a balanced silhouette.

For women with a Pear shape, darker colors should be worn to slim the rear, hip, and thigh areas. She should opt for fabrics like cotton, polyester blends, and matte jersey and shouldn’t wear an all over pattern or print. If you have an Apple figure, choose colors that will make you look slim like black, brown, gray, and navy. Go for fabrics like cotton, matte jersey, and wool and don’t wear overly busy patterns or prints and instead choose subtle prints. The Inverted Triangle body shape is the most athletic-looking silhouette. Women with this figure have wide shoulders and lacks curves. Wear clothes that will draw attention away from your shoulder line and pick clothes that will make your thighs and hips look rounder and fuller.

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Those with an Hourglass figure can wear almost any color. It’s known as the most ideal body shape. But remember that white, light pink, cream, canary yellow, and baby blue make you look larger than you really are. Most prints and patterns look great on a woman with this figure. You would want to show off your curves with this figure so wear form-fitting fabrics like leather, spandex, and matte jersey. Rectangle-shaped women should wear bright colors to create the illusion of a bigger body. Wear bold prints and patterns. Furthermore, pick out clingy fabrics like silk and satin and stretchy material like spandex and cotton.

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