Entertainment & Musics: Afterschool RED – Night into the sky

This was my first post on this series of post,which Ive mentioned you on the other blog entry here. I actually loved to watch YouTube videos for my free time because it can help to ease the tension, in a way it has been my stress reliever for long time now. Believe me, this really works as you got an bad day at work or school, just try though to find anything over YouTube whether an spoof, music videos or fun videos from TV series anything you prefers must do as long you’re enjoying watching it can does lift your mood up..

Recently, while am lurking on the sharing video site – I’ve just found this kpop video , which I don’t familiar at all, that’s quite intriguing because everyone’s commenting to it hence I’d give it a try and click the play button…. Afterward, in no definite reason I just hook to it and I even played it for 10 time already,, I dunno, though I can barely understand what they are saying and still I’d love to hearing it.. I think, how they the music arranged has got a big role to it that’s why people are loving it, including myself.

Okay, you can try to watch the video Ive found ” Afterschool RED – Night into the sky” at the top video and let me know your thoughts about it as you finished to watch. Thank you and have a great day ahead ~~

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