Taeyeon Performed Her New Single ” WHY”

 As you all know that I used to blog up some YouTube videos related in this blog as I am keen to be updated on what’s new or not over the video sharing site and for today, I just got this performance video of taeyeon of snsd as she set her own stage for her new single entitled ” Why”.

As I watched the whole performance, I must say that the song itself is very catchy like what other kpop songs does and for the dance and totality of performance, I must say that she does a great job as it has its grove on it thus a lot of people especially those avid fans are already got crazed in this new song trend.

You can actually heads up over YouTube for her more performances videos and as I know she does released another song titled “starlight” that you might get interests too on listening, you can also check that out over YouTube for your own satisfaction.

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