Champagne Or Brown Diamonds, What’s The Difference?

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Did you know that brown diamonds are actually the most common type occurring in nature? Although white diamonds have always been more traditional, brown diamonds are experiencing a resurgence as more people discover the rich, warm beauty of these stones. However, there are a number of different names out there for these stones, including “chocolate”, “champagne,” “cognac”, or even “cinnamon”. So how do you tell the difference between them?

Similarities and Confusion

Generally, there are no differences in mining, treatment, or processing between these types of stones, and a “cognac” diamond and “champagne” diamond can come from the same supplier and even the same mine. Brown diamonds naturally occur in a wide variety of hues, ranging from an intense mocha to a pale off-white. The names refer only to the color of the diamond, not the quality—and that’s when the names are accurate at all.

The truth is, the labels given to brownish diamonds are not officially classified, and generally one name can apply to a variety of different shades. To make things more confusing, the name “chocolate diamond” has been trademarked by Le Vian, and is used by them to refer to a wide variety of shades. Although chocolate diamonds may be difficult to classify what’s sure is that in all color variations they are beautiful and unique. If you are interested in seeing what these stones look like close up, many jewelers now sell jewelry incorporating these stones, including Milano and Kay.

Champagne Diamonds

When looking at these diamonds, there are general trends that can help clear up confusion. Generally, lighter browns with a yellowish hue are referred to as champagne diamonds, named after the drink. These are a popular choice with many consumers, who love the bright sparkle and the celebratory vibe.

Cognac Diamonds

On the other hand, diamonds with deeper brown colors are referred to as cognac diamonds. These have a warm, luxurious look that really make them stand out from more traditional choices. Cognac diamonds with overtones of orange, red, or pink might also be referred to as cinnamon diamonds, depending on who you talk to.

Beautiful Brown

Of course, the term “brown” is a simple and descriptive way to classify the colors of these natural diamonds. It is a popular choice because it accurately captures the color and doesn’t fall prey to marketing schemes. However, the phrase “brown diamond” is that it can refer to champagne, cognac, chocolate, or some other hue entirely, leaving customers with a wide range of options.

Fortunately, the confusion about naming hasn’t stopped customers form discovering the beauty and uniqueness of these gorgeous stones. Whether set in a silver pendant or gracing a rose gold ring, champagne, cognac, and brown diamonds are sure to shine.

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