De Clutter Your Home and Make Some Money As You Go

We all hate that dreaded moment when we open a cupboard and everything we’ve shoved in starts tumbling out. Or when we realise that buying more hangers won’t actually create any more space in our overfilled closet. Whether it’s a tonne of old books or clothes, or maybe old kids, there are always ways to declutter your home and make money as you go. Below are a few of my favourite ideas on how to banish the mess and make some cash along the way. Then once you’ve cleaned the clutter you can enjoy decorating your home with the latest trends to bring it up to date.

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Selling Old Books and Kids Toys

Whether it’s fiction, text books or rare books, there are probably a fair few piled up in your house. If they are taking away precious space you could use for something much more useful, why not sell them? There are a number of ways you can sell old books. If you have the ISBN number you can type it into websites such as and and start making money from books you no longer need. If you have rare books or signed first editions, you can head to your local antique store for an estimate on price. Or head to websites such as baumanrarebooks and send through a list of the books you are keen to sell. Old kids toys are slightly different. If they are in good condition, you can try local online kids forums which often come up on social media. Or try a garage sale and keep everything cheap for a quick declutter. Even if you only make $100, it’s worth an afternoon’s work and will clear a big space in your house.

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Selling Your Wedding Dress

Have you held on to your old wedding dress but never actually even looked at it again? If so, it may be time to sell it. Your memories are not in the dress. They are in the photographs and the feelings you have inside. Lots of people let go of their wedding dress with ease and can make a significant amount of money back. Use a wedding dress calculator to determine how much your dress is worth. This calculator just needs the name of the designer, the style number and the condition the dress is in. And then you can upload a couple of beautiful photos, detailed information and get selling.

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Selling Designer Clothes And Shoes

We’ve all splurged on designer boots that are too high to walk in or a cute dress that just doesn’t quite fit. And lots of us have a dozen cocktail dresses hiding at the back of the closet that haven’t seen daylight in over a year. If you have designer clothes and shoes in a superior condition, you can sell them on websites such as Vestiaire Collective and HardlyEverWornIt. Bare in mind that luxury online boutiques can be very particular about what can be sold. So make sure your designer items are only very gently used and have no marks or tears. These types of sites work particularly well if you’re a secret fashionista with a lot of designer threads to shed!

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