Shopping For Eyewear Based On Your Face Shape

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Gone are the days when women prefer to go through all the hassle of wearing contact lenses rather than wear eyeglasses and look geeky. Today, there are so many online optical stores offering a wide selection of stylish eyeglasses. This fact have made shopping for eyeglasses and wearing them more fun. Plus, women no longer feel unattractive and nerdy. However, careful attention must be observed when buying a pair. It must match perfectly with your personality and face shape. Always choose frames that enhance your best facial features because the right eyeglasses can also be a bold fashion statement.

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If you have an oblong face with oval features, a rectangular or squared frame is suitable. Frames with a low bridge that shortens the nose will also look good on an oblong face. For women with an oval shaped face, do not buy frames that are too narrow. If you have a diamond shaped face, you would want your frames to soften the cheekbones, so oval, rimless frames, and cat-eye frames are the best choices. Those with round faces should select angular narrow frames because this gives the illusion of a thinner face. A rectangular frame is another good option. If your face has a square shape, buy narrow frames with narrow ovals and wide widths.

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