Smart Outfit Ideas for the Unique Groom

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A lot of focus for wedding outfits is on the bride’s dress. However, there are two people in a wedding, and often at least one of them is a groom. While wedding dresses are exciting, the groom should have a chance to pick a dapper outfit for the day too. He might buy his outfit or perhaps rent it, as many grooms choose to do. But there’s no need to stick to a boring, plain suit or tuxedo when there are so many options for grooms. In fact, if the bride wants a white dress, you could even say there are more options for men. Find a unique groom’s outfit with these tips.

Get a Custom Suit

Most brides and grooms will buy their outfits off the rack and have them adjusted to fit. This method can still get you both stunning clothes, and it’s acceptable for many couples. However, if you want to be truly unique, you might consider giving yourself more options. If you order a custom suit, you can choose whatever you want. For example, you can order one of the Italian-made tailored wedding suits by Lanieri. You get to pick your fabric, then choose every detail of your garments. Choose the lining of your jacket, the button on your pants, and more. Of course, it should be a suit you want to wear again.

Add Some Quirky Personal Touches

A smart suit for your wedding day might be the look you want, but it might not feel like you. If you think there’s something missing, perhaps you need to make your outfit more personal. Some small touches could add some quirkiness to your outfit and help you feel more like yourself. For example, your cufflinks could have a personal meaning, whether it’s serious or silly. They could be anything from the Starship Enterprise to a declaration of love to your bride.

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Cultural Influences

You might want to look to your cultural background to see if you want to include anything in your outfit. Perhaps men in your family usually dress up very colorfully or don’t wear suits. You might want to mix and match different traditions to create an outfit you love. Or you could select very traditional wedding dress from your culture. It could be anything from a kilt to an Indian dhoti. You could incorporate other aspects of wedding culture into your day too.

Your Wedding Theme

You might have picked a wedding theme, in which case you need to keep it in mind. If you’re having a vintage wedding, your outfit needs to match it. You might have picked a theme based on a time period or on something you and your fiancĂ©e love. It could also be a design style that you want to follow. Some couples simply choose colors to make everything a little easier. Sometimes a theme can make it harder to find your outfit, but you can look beyond suits labeled as wedding outfits.

The groom should get a unique outfit too for everyone to admire. After all, the couple should look good together, instead of the groom being an accessory to the bride.

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