Why Diamonds Aren’t Always A Girl’s Best Friend!



Despite what the song and wedding traditions may say, diamond engagement rings are not every woman’s top choice. While there is no denying their timeless appeal and beauty, they just aren’t for everyone. But if you were intent on proposing with a diamond, this can leave you in a difficult situation. Thankfully there are ways you can both get what you want. To assist you in your search for the perfect engagement ring, here are some fantastic compromises you should consider buying.

Garnet gemstones

The deep red colour of garnet gemstones makes them a striking choice for an engagement ring. They are durable and long-lasting but only if they are cleaned regularly and worn with care. Garnets are also more affordable than most gemstones, making them an appealing choice to those with a tight budget. All gemstones have their own significant meaning and garnets are no different. Traditionally, garnets are associated with devotion and commitment which are perfect for a proposal. With the help of a professional, garnets can easily to added to diamond engagement rings. The combination of diamonds with garnets is a popular one as it creates a look that really makes a statement.

two hands, a heart and a crown.


Claddagh ring

If you or your partner have Irish heritage, a Claddagh ring could be the perfect diamond alternative to use for your proposal. These traditional rings feature a heart, crown and two hands- which symbolize respect, love and loyalty. Claddagh rings have been around for centuries, making them rich in history and cultural significance. The ring is worn facing outwards during your engagement but is then turned to face your partner once you are legally married. It may only be a simple design, but the meaning behind the Claddagh ring makes it very special indeed.

To make the ring feel more special, you can have a diamond set into the design. This could be around the band or to cover the heart shape in the center of the Claddagh design. Either way, proposing with a Claddagh ring is guaranteed to mean the world to your lady.


Pearls have become an increasingly popular option for engagement rings. Their ivory colouring gives them a classic look that works well no matter what you wear them with. But their rounded shape adds a contemporary feel to the ring’s design. Like garnets, pearls also have their own significant meaning. Giving someone a pearl shows worth, humility and purity. All of which are beautiful sentiments to give to the woman you love. You have the choice to buy a ring with a single pearl or one that has multiple smaller pearls combined. Pearls also work well when combined with diamonds of varying sizes. So talk to a jeweller about choosing the right pearl and what stones could be added to make it even more spectacular.

If you still have your heart set on proposing with just a diamond ring, why not have it custom made. This can add a more unique and personal touch that the lady in your life is bound to adore.

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