Adding 2016’s favorite fashions into the home

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If you are a follower of fashion, then you may feel that you want to extend your color and style choices to your living environment and apply current trends to your interior design. This is a great way to stamp your personality on your home.

Current fashion trends

But before you begin bringing your home bang up-to-date, you should first make sure you thoroughly clean and tidy your existing furniture and fittings. It is a good idea to give your carpets a deep clean every now and then to keep your home fresh and hygienic, and you can do this by employing a specialist firm, such as Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Ottawa. If you have curtains, take them down and give them a wash too. Only then will you be ready to make your home a truly fashionable and comfortable place.

The first place to start when wanting to incorporate current fashion trends into your interior design is with color. Each year the fashion world chooses a color that will be of prime significance, appearing in practically every fashion designer’s collection and ultimately filtering down into the clothes stores frequented by the majority of the population.

For 2016, the year’s top color is blue, whether it is primary blue or navy, denim or indigo shades. This color is ideal when used as a point of focus, such as the upholstery on your living room sofa, or even its walls. Remember though, that if you are painting your walls a dark color, you need to lighten up with the colors for your furniture to stop the look becoming too gloomy.

The trend in 2016 will be towards the dramatic when it comes to colors, so you can team your blue with black, green and even gold to really get the look. Gold is however, best used sparingly, such as color for lamp bases, picture and mirror frames, and light fixings. Other popular colors include those taken from nature, such as warm reds and browns, as well as the occasional pastel shade to introduce a softer look. It seems too, that floral patterns are another big trend for this year. And big means big! No small floral prints wanted, but big, overblown, high impact florals. If patterned furniture is not your thing, then you could introduce florals to your home with framed prints.

Textures are also big this year, with faux fur being a particular favorite. Faux fur can be brought into your home in several ways. For example, you could have a faux fur rug in your living room or bedroom, or add faux fur cushions to your sofa. If you really love the soft, luxurious feel of faux fur, you could even have your sofa upholstered with it. Just remember that faux fur has a big impact; so if you do use it, balance it with softer, less complex textures, such as placing a faux fur sofa alongside a natural fiber rug.

Bring your home’s interior in line with current fashion trends by taking the popular colors and textures used for clothing on the catwalk and applying them to your color scheme and furniture choices.


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