Fashion Trend: Washed Ripped Jeans


Firstly, I am very sorry for not updating this site quite often this recently as I am too busy doing my offline errands, but I am trying though to have at least 3 posts per week in this site as I really keen to have updated. But anyway, as I noticed today people were fond of wearing washed ripped jeans for their daily fashion especially on those urban places. I dunno why this 80’s trend are keep on coming back but in-fairness this trend is quite promising as t does gives a comfortable looking to anyone who fondly wears it. I actually wears one recently and I must say it does really fashionable as long as you know on how to style it based on your personal fashion sense.

I actually did my own researched where this kind of fashion statement are came from or started off, and Ive learned that this trend are from Europe where people are all keen to have the quirky type of fashion and it does evades the fashion scene immediately and a lot of people are now getting crazed to it especially those teens who loves the kinda boyish look.

This styling are can be fit well on guys too as brands and labels are making same pieces for men. You can check out men21 and h&m for your washed ripped jeans and you can even have some lookbok to follow over the web for your convenient.

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