The Best Ways to Actually Add Value To Your Home

Having a home is a big investment. It can cost a lot of money each month, and you want to make sure that you get a return on that investment. As long as you pick the right time to sell, the chances are that you will make a profit. There are a few ways to make sure that you make a profit on your home, though. There are a few things that people think will add value to your home when they actually don’t. Some things just make your home look better. But do they add value?

Think about the garden or driveway, for example. Do they add value? They certainly add to the curb appeal and make the home look better. If a buyer is undecided, then it might help to sway them. They don’t actually add much value, though. A lot of the work needs to be done to the actual home to really add the value. So what are some of those things that will add value?



If someone makes an offer on your home and then has a survey done, you don’t want anything to come out in that. If something comes up that is a structural problem, then it could mean they the potential buyer backs out. So it is a good idea to get any structural problems out of the way. If there are any leaks, rising damp, or roofing problems, then they need to be sorted as soon as possible. It might cost a little to get any structural issues sorted. It can make such a difference to any potential sales, though. If your home is quite old, it might need to have a few updates to it. Wiring and heating do need to be updated. If the wiring is outdated or you need to install central heating, then it is good to get it all fixed.

If you want to add a lot of value, then you need to make some big changes. This could be something like converting the loft space or adding a conservatory. If you can create more space in the home, then it is one of the main things that can add value. Just remember that you might need to get planning permission before you extend your home. Check that you can extend the home before you just got and do it. If you have the means to do it, it is well worth doing.

If you want to know how much your home is worth at the moment, you could view Taylors valuation guide. Then you can see how things are looking for your home at the moment. Even if you aren’t planning on selling up anytime soon, it can be interesting to see what it is worth.

Hope that this guide has been useful to you in improving your property. Not all of the changes need to be big, but they can make a big difference. So start with giving the home a bit of a tidy and smarten it all up.

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