80’s Inspired Outfit for a birthday party

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Firstly, let me sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time. Though I supposed no I really meant to blog at least one blog post a day but I fail to do it because of my offline errands that are needs to attend on the timely fashion hence I gotta sacrifice this blog in a way.. For that, I hope you can bear with me?? hehehe

Anyway, though life in the US its just paced and everyone’s busy doing their own thing to live on. I think, will have still to manage to have or to practice our social life by simply attending an friend’s birthday party and other gatherings. Though, I am not really into this and yet am trying though to attend for me release the stresses am getting everyday and yes it did works out.. 🙂

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A good friend of mine named Edna, but I prefers to call her ” Ate Edna” Ate – means big sister in Tagalog and since we’re both in the Philippines, it is proper for me to address her like that though American people aren’t particular on how they can address their seniors which I don’t plan to acquire at all. She invited me over for her mom’s birthday and the party has an theme were we should have to wear an 80’s inspired outfit. I really liked it because it is my first time to wear up an 80’s dress plus I felt an quirky feeling on it,  for me,its like am on a cosplay.. hehehe funny right? but overall, I’ve enjoyed the company of ate Edna and we really have a blast on that day, Good thing Ive got to know her and we became best friends..I am truly blessed to have an best friend like here..

By the way, the outfit am wearing are from Macy’s and I bought it for like 20 USD, if I am not mistaken, then the accessories ( earrings, necklace and bracelet) are all from bellast – an online shop that I used to work as blogger before and yes! I just got them for free.. 🙂