Entertainment & Musics: Touch My Body – Sistar

Who loves summer season? I know most of you do and I even see some hands raising over there. But before you’ll enjoy under the summer hit and beaches. I think it is proper to watch this video for you to have your spirit to be lift up and got a good vibes while heading to your getaway destination.

Though here in the states we still got the fall season but I knew there were some places out there that summer is year around like in the Philippines hence you better enjoy it whole year because we western people are looking forward on that season, summer, to come each year..

Why am talking about summer and includes the video on top? well, as you can see the theme of the song is all about summer which says you can enjoy and kiss the sun as much as you wanted. And if you had an significant other you can allow him to touch your body – meaning to put the lotion on?? that’s how I interpret the song ” Touch my body by Sistar”.