Philippines: Isdaan in Tarlac

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Enjoying the rest of the day with family is the most memorable and a must do while you’re having an vacation. Because at this time, you can catch up with them and tighten the bond that has been loosen for awhile due of lack of communication. At my part, though we used to talk almost everyday via Skype and yet that’s isn’t enough to learn on what’s happening to them in the counter part where I am, hence I really looking forward to have fambam as I got home for an short vacation.

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In the one humid day, we’ve decided to drove off going to the north with no definite plan where to go. Good thing I got a friend who suggested us to visit this place called ” Isdaan” fishery in English if I am not mistaken.. Actually, it is kinda resto type where they just added some attractions and you can either play as you want..They have these mini carts for both adults and child that you can ride up for free and they neither has this mini boats on the other side that is free to try as well.. You better bring an extra clothes as you keen to roam the whole place and play..

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It seems we were on Thailand, right? I simply love the ambiance – It’s pretty calm and fresh air you get. That is why we cant help ourselves to have an snap everywhere.. Bad thing, my father cant make it here due of this personal circumstances but soon as I got my other vacation am surely bring the whole family again in here..