Wedding Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Wow!

It may be pitch black in the mornings still, but there’s a hint of warmth in the air, and before we know it, spring will be on its way, and wedding season will be underway. If you’re attending a wedding this year, you may be focusing on what to wear and where to stay. But don’t forget about that all-important gift. If you’re not keen on following suit and buying fancy crockery or silver-plated knives, here are some suggestions that are guaranteed to wow.

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Wedding gift etiquette

Before we go through some slightly different wedding gift ideas, it’s important to take etiquette into account. If you’ve already received a gift list, or the couple has asked for contributions towards their honeymoon, it’s wise to stick to bear their wishes in mind. If you’ve got free reign when it comes to picking presents, here are some ideas.

The gift of time

When you hear the word gift, you tend to think about material items, but for married couples, time is often the most valuable present you can offer. Life can get hectic, and many couples wish they had more time to spend together. Organizing a day out, a hot dinner date, or a weekend away is a great idea. After months of excitement in the build-up to the big day and an incredible honeymoon, it can be tough to adjust to normal life again, and it’s good to have something to look forward to.

There are all kinds of options to choose from, from adventurous experiences like wing-walking, skydiving or animal encounters, dinner dates, nights away at a spa or even a city break. If you want to go for something that will knock their socks off, team up with other friends and share the cost. Another cute option is to stuff some envelopes full of printed sheets, which detail a series of simple dates. You don’t have to spend a lot. Pay for a takeout and a DVD, a picnic in the park or a trip to the local ice skating rink.

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Interior gifts

If the couple has been together for a long time, it’s likely that they will already have kettles and toasters, so why not think outside the box, and opt for a unique gift to liven up their new marital home? If you know the couple well, you’ll be able to choose a show-stopping piece that suits their taste and style. You could go for a quirky lamp, an oversized vase or a framed print, for example. Have a look around for inspiration in magazines and check out some online stores. You could browse for ideas, for example.

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Personalized presents

Personalized presents are all the rage, but you don’t have to choose Mr and Mrs mugs or printed cushions. There are lots of edgier gift ideas out there, and something to suit every couple. Think about what they like doing in their spare time. Do they love music or are they massive football fans? Do they enjoy cooking together or are they known for their party hosting proficiency? You can go for anything from branded cheese boards and wine racks to customized band posters and initialed armchairs. If you’re a dab hand with arts and crafts and you want to make your own gifts, pages like are a great source of inspiration.

Wedding Gift Ideas

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If you’ve got a wedding coming up, hopefully, these suggestions will help you find the perfect gift!

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